A sensory journey within nature

Feel the freshness in the air. The stillness present within the surrounding forests and hills. The rush of adventure. The longing to reconnect to self and unwind. The need to soak in your surroundings.

A place for lovers of nature, culture and history


With an abundance of rivers, forests, mountains, wild and untouched natural beauty, and breathtaking vistas, Bosnia can proudly boast in its natural offerings to the world. Lush rolling hills, majestic mountains, centuries old ruins, a rich history and traditions.

Exploring the surrounding area, even within a one hour drive radius around Etno Begovo Selo, will satisfy the most curious and adventurous of people because of the diverse offerings in landscapes and sights. Our team will happily recommend interesting places to visit so you and your loved ones can get the most out of your stay with us.

A place where simplicity is key for ultimate relaxation

Wake up to the sound of nature – stillness and the occasional birdsong. Awaken your body with a walk through the forest and fill your lungs with the smell of pine. Excite your palate with traditional dishes in a homemade fashion, locally grown and sourced. Learn how to make pies the way grandma made it. Explore the surrounding area and its numerous sights. Prepare a Bosnian-style barbecue with your loved ones. Unwind on the terrace overlooking the forest with homemade brandy. Sleep soundly in the comfort of nature, surrounded by stillness and the sounds of the respective seasons.

Plan your stay with us. 

Celebrate special occasions in a unique natural setting

Celebrate your special day with us and create a memorable day within a unique setting – within the beauty of nature. Enjoy a family gathering with a Bosnian-style barbeque. Celebrate intimate or large birthday parties. Enjoy your wedding within the tranquility of nature, a perfect place to capture a moment in your life that you want to capture in time. Improve collaboration with team buildings. Hold corporate meetings and events within a serene environment that offers both relaxation, adventurous activities, and culinary experiences. Whatever the purpose, our team has experience in assisting and organizing any type of celebration.

Organize your special moment with us.

Infuse the teachings of nature into your stay

Enhance your experience at Etno Begovo selo by connecting directly with nature. Familiarize yourself with your direct surroundings and all its earthly gifts. Walk with us through the magical  evergreen forest. Become aware of the wonders of our natural surroundings through educational programs for you and your kids. Discover medicinal and edible mushrooms, berries and plants freely given by the forest. Learn the names and uses of each funghi, tree, flower and plant. Get involved in its processes of tincture, balm, syrup and jam making. Relax in meditative activities such as planting seeds, mixing the right soil, and watering. Take care of plants and trees, and watch how they take care of you by relaxing your mind and relieving tension.

We are fully aware of the importance of nature and how much it takes care of us in many ways. Which is why we aim to preserve and maintain its pristine state the best we can for ourselves, other people, and our future generations. Combining a healthy mix of fun and learning about nature is what we are passionate about. Watch your kids marvel at the magic this space holds and how it awakens a sense of curiosity, creativity, and a desire to discover more. Such experiences are precious and will most definitely be unforgettable for you and your young ones.

Connect with nature in exciting ways.


Stay in one of our rooms in the main square, overlooking Bosnia's treasured arts and crafts and their tools. All our double rooms can fit one or two extra single beds.


Make your stay extra special by staying in one of our quaint cottages located along the main terrace of the village.

Camping spots

Immerse yourself in a rugged experience with a stay inside the pine forest. Choose one of our many camping spots.

Bosnian cuisine

A rich blend of Mediterranean, Ottoman, and Central European influences, using many spices in moderation, Bosnian cuisine is a palatable experience. Many delicious local specialties can be tried at Begovo Selo. Try traditional dishes like sogan dolma, sitni cevap, burek and other pies, soups and other savory dishes. Indulge in sweet treats like strudels made from different homemade jams of plums, figs, apple, or berries.

Natural surroundings

The Ilijaš region is a hiker’s paradise, with a network of marked trails that wind their way through lush forests of the Bijambare and past scenic viewpoints to underground caves. Explore the rugged terrain on your own or join a guided hiking tour to learn more about the local flora and fauna.

Historical landmarks

With a rich cultural heritage such as Bosnia’s, you are sure to discover many interesting historical landmarks within the Ilijaš region. Visit the medieval fortress of Kraljeva Sutjeska or the old town of Visoko, which is home to the fascinating Bosnian Pyramid complex. Make your way through the Bijambare forest to discover tombs. An Obelisk stands at the end of the forest Vlaškovac (300 m above the Kamenica spring). The most famous and oldest shrine in Balkan is the monastery of Sveta Gospa Olovska (The Olovo Shrine of Our Lady).

There is much to see in our area. Ask our team what other interesting sights can be viewed.

Outdoor activities

Jeep tours, mountain biking, rafting, hiking(mountaineering), a free climbing path, hunting, rafting, fishing, are but a few of the exciting activities you can partake in when visiting this area. Whether it may be water to summit, there are challenging, relaxing and adventurous activities on offer for you to fill your days up with ease. 

Heritage, culture, tradition

Begovo Selo is an open-air museum where you can us and explore Bosnia’s rich history, heritage, culture and traditions out in the stillness of nature. View architecture of a Bosnian old village, cottages and rooms furnished with antique furniture. Walk passed the mosque to the main square (baščaršija), housing one of the biggest collections of traditional Bosnian arts and crafts and tools in Bosnia. From music, dance, photographs, clothing, shoes, to art – all can be viewed here. 

After perusing through the windows of small shops, have a seat in our restaurant and try a selection of traditionally prepared dishes that have been kept alive for centuries. 

Visiting us helps us preserving and promoting Bosnian culture and traditions at Begovo Selo. 


Experience local music, dance, and cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of Bosnia. From traditional folk festivals to modern music concerts, this region boasts a lot of festivals worth visiting during the summer period. The annual Sarajevo Film Festival is a particular highlight worth experiencing. Enjoy film screenings and cultural events from around the world. 

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Ride through the Bijambare forest on horseback, discover unexplored sights in a thrilling adventure jeep ride, or try your skills in making Bosnian pies using traditional techniques – there is something for everyone. 

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In nature’s embrace, a place tucked away that feels like home

Did you know that your getaway within nature is within reach? Our remote location is perfectly situated – a mere 30-minute drive away from Sarajevo. Begovo selo is close enough to offer you an escape from the rush of the city and gives you a feeling as if you have traveled to another country, far away amongst evergreen pine trees of the Bijambare Nature Park.

We welcome you with a Bosnian coffee or tea made from herbs picked from our direct surroundings. After that you are more than welcome to explore all we have to offer: from walks in the forest, discovering our mesmerizing vast collection of Bosnian arts and crafts, to enjoying a gastronomic experience in our restaurant where we offer the most flavorful traditional dishes made with homegrown and locally sourced ingredients. 

We invite you to visit us and bring your childhood memories to life.

Essential information

Visiting Begovo Selo is an unique experience we are happy to share with anyone! Please be aware that we require an entrance fee.

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