Custodians of the Land

A magical place we call home

A vision realized

Encapsulated within the Bijambare Nature Park, Begovo Selo depicts an old Bosnian village with a main crafts square (Baščaršija) that proudly holds the largest collection of Bosnian traditional arts, crafts and their tools in one place.

One man’s vision was to recreate a feeling that we all hold within our favorite childhood memories: the smell of our Nana’s soup, the one with lots of vegetables, and her famous pies. We would watch how she would prepare the dough. She would carefully, lovingly and masterfully stretch it out on a round table to make a paper-thin, phyllo pastry. The filling would be either meat, dairy and spinach, or with potatoes. While you would go outside to play with your friends in the main square, she would be waiting for you to come home from the street, tired and hungry. This is the woman who, even if you would have eaten a whole casserole by yourself, would say that you still have not eaten anything at all.

The recreation of this vision – this feeling, took 20 years of painstaking work. Several artists and professionals have helped design this village with a main square, and have helped build this space from the ground up. Millions of nails have been hammered into thick wood. Hundreds of tons of concrete/stone have been stacked upon one another to create the village as it stands today. And, of course, the endless quest for objects related to our history, culture and traditions such as arts, crafts, tools, etc., to create one of the most extensive collection in the country. 
The amount of money spent on this vision was unmeasured nor important as the creation of Begovo Selo was (and is) a work of art – a tangible piece of one’s hopes, dreams, memories, and soul. Thus, it is immeasurable, limitless, and absolutely priceless. 

Such creations require a lot of time, patience, and continuous dedication. Just as greens take time to grow, for us to harvest, prepare them and cook them into a delicious meal that warms the soul. Everything happens at a slower pace, but all the good things do. Slow, and steady, much like the change of seasons, we want our guests to feel the slow but steady passing of time. It is our honor to show every guest the wonders and magic of what this space has to offer, from Bosnian hospitality and cuisine to architecture, culture and traditions, and several adventures and sights in our local area.

Each and every one of us, that become a part of the team, aim to bring life into this place –  either as an artist, craftsman, historian, or storyteller. More importantly, each and every one of us are a custodian of this unique place. Our purpose is to preserve and maintain Bosnia’s rich history, culture and its traditions, and our wild surroundings of the Bijambare. Our aim is to make our guests feel at home through a unique service offering with a domestic essence, with attention to detail, tailor-made experiences, and sharing the magic this place holds in every possible way.

Therefore, if you have an urge to awaken your senses in a place created with soul, and where food is prepared with love and care, then Begovo Selo is the place for you and we hope to welcome you and your loved ones sometime soon. 

Warm regards,
Kenan Nikšić
General Manager